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I'm Dr. Sarah Williams - a mom, scientist, and farmer. 

I raise Alpine dairy goats in Southeast Virginia,

and my husband raises forested Berkshire pigs and

pastured poultry. 


We purchased goats to be complementary

grazers for our horses, but with my interest in

dairy (I worked at a Jersey cow dairy in

college), I knew that I wanted milk from them

as well. 


Having more milk than we could consume,

I started a small herdshare program so that the does

would pay their own way.  It has grown into a keystone

of our farm business – regular weekly milk deliveries enable us to deliver our meat products and eggs to multiple locations with no additional effort, and those milk customers love being able to create a full meal with our products!


What started off with 1 milking doe is now a herd of

15 does serving 60 herdshare members along with a

summer chevre CSA.  We keep a waiting list year-

round, and the does earn enough to cover ALL of their

expenses, pay me an hourly wage, and put money

back into the farm.


In my work life, I have a PhD in Biochemistry and

Molecular Biology, and I teach and perform research

I have literally spent the last 20 years keeping my

work sterile and free from contamination, and I use

those skills with my milk handling.  Because I keep

clean conditions and cool my milk quickly, my

customers always rave over the taste and long life of

our milk. 


I have so many friends who want to start a herdshare program, but they are intimidated by the legal aspects or maintaining their milk supply year-round.  If I, in my small circle of friends, can name 10 people, then I know that there are so many other farmers across the US who want to share their milk with others. 


My goal is to make the process of starting a program simple, provide you with help on milk and delivery logistics, and lessen your fears about farm and personal liability.  I know that with our guide and the Herdshare School course, we can make your farm business profitable too.

Sarah and her neice Ella
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