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What is Herdshare School?

Herdshare School is an online course, built to guide you through the business and herdsmanship of launching a raw milk herdshare program.  

The mission of Herdshare School is to provide you with the tools and knowledge that you need to launch a successful and profitable herdshare program, whether you have 2 goats or 80 cows.

In Herdshare School, we take you step-by-step through each of the aspects of starting a herdshare program business. We have broken the course into 7 modules, each covering a group of related topics that you need to work through to launch your program.

What's in a module?

  • 3-5 recorded video lectures covering each topic for that module in detail

  • The slides for each lecture

  • Action item worksheets - your homework for each topic in the module

  • Detailed procedures or protocols, written and video (i.e. milking, cleaning, sending samples off for testing) 

  • Example websites, wording, emails, brochures, milk labels, etc

  • Resource links for that module (equipment, supplies, legal and accounting, website development, etc)

You can work at your own pace, or even skim or skip modules that you already are comfortable with. 


You have forever access to Herdshare School - the modules will always be there for you to come back to.

Once you sign up, you can also join our private Herdshare School Facebook group, where students and I can share our challenges and solutions, and discuss building our raw milk businesses.

Herdshare School Modules

  • Herd management

  • Milk management

  • Customer management & logistics

  • Value-Added Products (cheese, butter, etc)

  • Plan your herdshare program!

  • Price and market for profitability

  • Business, finances, and contracts

Student thoughts on Herdshare School....

"I was so excited to join HSS and learn from Sarah. She covers everything you need to know and walks you through the steps of running a successful herd share program. I looked forward to each new module and still go back to re-watch.


She is always available to answer any questions you may have or to help you with your individual situation or to give suggestions. I have had my contract with FTCLDF for several years but was never confident enough to start my program.


Thanks to Sarah and HSS, I am finally offering herd shares this year. I would recommend this program to anyone thinking about running a herd share."


Lori from Morning Glori Farm

Are you ready to build your program?

Let's get started!  Click below:

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