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Each Module is listed below, with a brief description and its downloadable guide. 

Module 1
Module 1

Module 1 Checklist 

(click to download)​

  1. getting started with Wix

  2. choose a template

  3. customize headers and footers

Module 1
Module 2

Module 2 Checklist 

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  1. create your 5 essential pages

  2. work with the Menu

  3. optimize for mobile viewing

Module 3
Module 3
Module 3
Module 4
Module 3
Module 5a
Module 3
Module 5b
Module 3
Module 6

Module 3 Checklist 

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  1. develop your 5 essential pages with great copywriting

Module 4 Checklist 

(click to download)​

  1. SEO optimization

Module 5a Checklist 

(click to download)​

  1. create online storefront

  2. create products, collections, and inventory

  3. customize product, card, and thank you pages

Module 5b Checklist 

(same as 5a)​

  1. behind the scenes in our working farm store website

  2. set up payment options

  3. set up shipping options

Module 6 Checklist 

(click to download)​

  1. choose your hosting plan

  2. purchase your custom domain

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